"Aviation Photo Thread" (Planes, Helos, Balloons, etc)...

Nice set of photos on here that get the juices flowing.

Looks like the XPro-1 does a good job of captuing these images, I do wonder what it is like at an airshow capturing fast jet flypasts / formations etc?
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The number of first-aid drops which the plane has made, together with the number of camels which were accidentally killed in the process?


Okay, just making sure we were not at war with the Suisse ... but that would be white on red ... would the camels be considered colateral damage or are they actually a targeting marker?

Great light and composition, RT. I only noticed the markings on the side just now, red crosses and camels vs. the typical "kill" or "bomb" marks. First aid missions and cargo trips across the desert?

Rt ,wonderful perspective on this shot, love it .! Thanks for posting.


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