"Aviation Photo Thread" (Planes, Helos, Balloons, etc)...

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A few DC-3s

Kenn Borek Air. Photographed in Inuvik (YEV) in the Northwest Territories. Built in 1942. Currently working in Antarctica.

DC3 at YEV.jpeg

Buffalo Air. Photographed in Yellowknife (YZF), Northwest Territories. 1942 build. A couple of years after this (August 2013) it was written off after a non-fatal crash landing just after takeoff from YZF. Engine failure and overloaded. Person on Airhistory.net writes, "Her career started as USAAF 42-23509 in 1943, then Czechoslovak government as OK-VAV and French air force, including combat duty again, as 23509. Went civil as F-WSGY and eventually, in 1975, became C-GWIR. Smoke jumper platform as well as combined passenger-freighter aircraft with Buffalo."

DC3 at YZF w.jpeg

Canadian Pacific Airways, at Whitehorse (YXY), Yukon. This one flying in blankets to stay warm in a northern Canadian winter. (Or how about, I 'shopped a sky around the one featured in this story:
DC-3 Yarn Bomb, Whitehorse, YT — Northern Front Studio )

DC3 Yarnbomb at YXY Lu+-T.jpeg
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