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Leica B&W film processing/scanning in West Country UK


New Member
Sep 19, 2014
I'm a newcomer to Leica Place, and a returner after many years to shooting b&w with my Leica M3.
I want to send/take my films (Ilford XP2) off for processing (C41) & scanning to cd, but it seems after some googling that this is going to cost the best part of £20 per roll, which simply doesn't stack up against virtually free digital photography.
Can anybody recommend a good value b&w lab in Somerset/W Country UK?


Aug 13, 2017
If you plan to use them a lot, I suggest you consider doing it yourself. B&W is very easy to develop at home. You can buy a Nikon scanner.

One main reason for the price is that B&W has to be manually develop in the labs so a bit more costly than C-41 film. However, scanning is the most expensive. Here in the States, scanning costs about 50% if you send B&W to a lab to develop and scan.

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