B&W Road Trip


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Jun 5, 2012
Austin, TX
i like them
i prefer the more sepia/coffee/whatever toned ones more.. it seems to suit the oldy stuff better :)


Jul 7, 2010
betwixt and between
I'm with Eliot regarding the warmer toned pictures, though number 5 seems to be perfect in the pure black and white.:2thumbs:

So what kind of road trip was this and where did you go, Covey?


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Feb 3, 2012
Thanks Gubrz and BBW. My road trips were to mostly museums - the machinery you liked in Frame 5 was a cut-away engine on display at the Boston Museum of Science. The sepia toned stuff was found shots in the various crafting departments at Mystic Seaport - the blacksmith, the cooper (barrel maker) and the rope-making shed as I recall. I try and find objects as I'm not particularly good at landscapes. :)

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