B&W: Words/No Words

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Beautiful buildings & beautiful shots, I’d say you have a great handle on the camera & the processing. There is nothing like film.

Warm greetings from Oregon!
Thank you again. I am just getting ready to refill the empty cassettes with film. I have already made 50 rolls of film this year, so I am buying new film in large spools (30.5 metres each). The whole process of analogue photography is great relaxation for the soul. From preparing the film, to choosing the right negative for the shoot, to preparing the photographic chemistry myself from simple reagents. In this way, I get to influence many variables in the process. I can - for example - not follow the manufacturer's recommendations and treat a 400ASA film as if it were 1600ASA. And it's not a question of whether the pictures come out. The most important thing is the change in imaging style.

I would recommend this form of photography to anyone, it quickly raises the level of competence and is extremely rewarding.
This house is a "film star". In 1960 started filming Mika Waltari's inspector Palmu novels. The first filmization "Inspector Palmu's Mistake" is considered the best, hands down. This house was a home of one of the evil characters Bruno Rygseck, whose murder starts the story. I like to come back to this place, and it helps that the area is like Helsinki's Belgravia. Hmmm, by the way, the genre of these Palmu detective stories was very Finnish, of course, crime comedy 🙄

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This new purchase is working out rather well, you must be loving it.
It works well indeed, making infrared photos is effortless. I'm building up experience now with appropriate subject matter, and I start to get the feeling that it's a fairly narrow variation of subjects that work in infrared. I did some street photography with it and that didn't deliver any bangers, as I suspected, even though I made sure to include foliage in the photos.