B&W B&W: Words/No Words

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I thought it was a shockwave? You mean in the background? Pardon my ignorance
It's not a shockwave (it would have a round-ish shape pointing towards the fighter jet and covering one edge to another). It's the exhaust heat distorting the air behind the jet.
Any light (and subject) going through a heat distortion will be bent like the heat haze on a hot summer day above the ground.
Hi @MarkoV ! Nicely exposed sky. Ferrania has a problem with this, easily overexposing the upper part of the frame. I recently did an experiment and exposed Ferrania P30 (80ASA) as 25ASA. I then developed it in Kodak D23 (1:1, 20°C, 11'30"). The contrast decreased a bit, the grain too but that interesting Ferrania character remained. I recommend this method.