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Dec 29, 2013
@MoonMind can I suggest that this thread be merged with the other black and white thread, Black & White, monotone and sepia.
I've thought about that before - but I think we'd better discuss this first (I'll put it to the moderators); the idea of toning your monochrome photos is a specific additional one. But in all honesty, the methods have been mixed up in those two threads as it is.



Jul 7, 2010
Black and White is just that: These days as everyone (almost) has color monitors, the RGB values of the displayed image are equal.

Sepia and Monotone are different: the RGB values of the displayed image are different. Black and White is the subset of Monotone where the RGB values are all the same.

There are separate groups on Flickr for each, and the post-processing for each is different. The file-formats can also be different, as images of data structures and parameter definitions of TIFF, Linear-DNG, and .BMP dance through my head.

You are all so lucky that I'm not posting FORTRAN code to explain all of this.

HOWEVER- Unlike Flickr, if someone posted a sepia tones image here- I would not move it.

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