Sony back from trip and innitial RX1 feedback...

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My goodness Ray
Never tagged you for a Dfer!!

I never actually ended up buying the Df. And there's a side of me that still regrets selling the RX1 because I've never owned a better camera. But I didn't buy another. I got a Fuji instead, which I've owned before. The RX1 is clearly a stop better in the sensor than the Fuji, but the Fuji 23 f1.4 lens is a stop faster than the RX1's Zeiss, so those tend to balance out more or less for both shallow DOF and low light. I'd shoot the RX1 at 12,800 on occasion and I'd never shoot the Fuji beyond it's native high of 6400, so it all works out. And, amazingly, the Fuji 23mm doesn't give up much to the Zeiss 35 on the RX1. The Zeiss is probably the nicest lens I've ever owned (Olympus 75mm being very very close in quality if totally different in intended use) but the Fuji 23 is good enough to make me more or less forget the difference. So I'm out of full frame for the foreseeable future. To really fully take advantage of the great full frame sensors, you need to buy the excellent fast full frame glass, but that tends to be really expensive and really big and I won't go there. So then the tradeoffs come into play and on balance, I'm good with APS and m43. The DR isn't quite as good and the files don't take quite as much abuse, but overall, it's a pretty good set of tradeoffs for me. And Fuji's lens lineup has gotten really really good for what I like as well.... So, I'm not a Df'er - but it was an itch I had to scratch for at least the one month loaner period...

BTW, I'm not a one camera guy either. I have a limited m43 setup, mostly for portrait and longer lenses. And I have a NIkon A for my total silent stealth camera, and it has the advantage of fitting in a pocket too.



battery life

a 2nd or 3rd, even oem battery, is cheaper than that ovf!
and theyre tiny!

I have the found that the battery tends to drain down rather abruptly and I think that the meter is not terribly accurate in indicating impending exhaustion. Not a big deal, but it does catch me off guard.

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