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Not quite nature but they are animals. We have kept fish on and off for over 50 years and recently decided to reinstall this 25-year-old 60L octagonal tank. I have been running it for a month empty of fish to establish the nitrogen cycle and allow beneficial bacteria to colonise. Been testing weekly and today it was set to go. Have two goldfish (a Blackmoor and a Veil-tail) and a Betta (Siamese fighter) who tends to hide most of the time. Being 8-sided it can produce double images but fluked a few that are OK.

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Nice Bill! I've kept aquariums on and off for most of my life. Although not in the last 4 years. I had a very strong bond with a Black Moor that lived 6 years. He would wiggle like crazy when I approached the glass and I hand fed him on occasion. It was heartbreaking when he died.
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I’m the same with black moors. I had one called Jasper. Had him for years until my early 20s. His fish-mates in the tank were relatively indifferent to me unless I had food but Jasper always came up to the glass to say hello if I was nearby. Of course, it might be he was constantly after food. He did grow to be a big boy (possibly girl)!

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