Ricoh Back to the GXR and 50mm module


Apr 22, 2011
I was an original early adopter, got upset when the only way to get new FL's was with the M and decide to sell all and took a bath. I moved on to the GR, and a Fuji X and some lenses but always like the GXR and 50mm, even though 50mm was never ever a FL that was on the top of my list, 35 was always my favorite, still is and is what I use the GR at a good portion of the time. In any event my cousin was kind enough to send me a GXR body and EVF and I bought a NOS 50mm module on ebay for a decent price... Took a few the other day, will try to post one old, some of you may have seen, maybe two old, and then a few I took last week.... I really like the GXR with 50mm. Not sure if they will show, let's see if I did this right.


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