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Jul 3, 2010

I have to purge all the forum signatures, so please make a copy of yours now if you spent a lot of time writing it out. After the purge, everyone will be free to restore their sigs. However, it will not be possible to include images in sigs any more.


Long version: For the safety of the site as well as its members and other visitors, I am trying my best to make the site fully secure, which means that there can be no resources loading over insecure http.

I can proxy links, so it is okay if member sigs link to non-https websites. However, I am unable to proxy signature images or copy them to our server as attachments. I also have not way to prevent http sig images while allowing https ones, so I have to disable signature images altogether.

Unfortunately the only way our forum software (Xenforo) lets me purge sig images is to purge all sigs completely and then disallow images on new sigs. So in a day or two, when most members have had a chance to see this alert, I am going to go ahead with that process.

Most of the images I see in sigs on our board are Flickriver badges, which load from insecure http. For those of you using those badges, please feel free to make a colorful link in your sig to "View my most interesting images on Flickriver" or similar. Again, it's okay to link to insecure http. I just don't have a way to do the images.

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