Bad news, good news, bad news etc ...


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Bill Shinnick
Bad news - they tried to deliver my new Panasonic GH1 yesterday - next door!! :mad:

Good news - they re-delivered it today. :smile:

Bad news - need a charged battery. :cool:

Good news - I have a spare!! :rolleyes:

Bad news - the spare is flat - I forgot to recharge it. :mad:

Good news - the GH1 includes an AC adapter that fits in the battery slot so I can set up the camera. :D

Bad news - can't take photos outside - tied to a power point. :eek:

Good news - the battery is charged now. ;)

Bad news - its dark outside. :(

Good news - the inside photos look good, the camera seems slicker than the G1 and tomorrow is another day. :tongue: