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Jock Elliott

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I picked up what I believe is an Eagle Creek birding bag at a garage sale.

It measures (approx.) 9 inches tall, 5 inches wide and 3 inches deep. The main compartment is lightly padded front and rear, there is a zipper on top, a front flap with a zippered pocked, a zippered side opening, and a couple of pockets for pens. There are metal d-rings on the sides for a shoulder strap.

This has turned out to be a marvelous bag for carrying myFZ200 superzoom camera. I carry it cross body and the minimum depth (3 inches), makes it very comfortable to carry all day.

Now that I have acquired another small camera (Panasonic LX100), I would like to purchase a similar bag that is just a bit bigger (wider) and would have a padded divider between the cameras. I'd like to keep the depth down to three inches as before, if possible.

Here's the existing bag with the FZ200 in it:

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Here's the orientation of the FZ200 in the bag:

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Here's the LX100 alongside:

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Another orientation:

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Now, I don't want anything that screams CAMERA BAG! Stealth is the order of the day.

Any ideas, suggestions?

Cheers, Jock
I recently bought a Tenba DNA 8 for myself as a little Christmas gift since I wanted a small bag for vacation. I needed something to hold my Fuji superzoom and the X100 (comparable needs to yours actually). I went to my local bricks and mortar store and looked at the offerings. Most of them looked like the typical nylon camera bags.

The flap has these cool magnetic "snaps" to secure it, but then it also has a zipper top for a different way to access your cameras if you don't want to open the flap. The bag is kinda semi-rain repellent (and maybe more than semi), but it also came with a little rain coat that covers the whole bag and snaps around the bottom side so in case you get caught in a downpour (which we did on vacation), your gear is protected.

I'm generally not thrifty when it comes to cameras, but I hate paying money for fancy bags. Still, I felt this one was worth it (and my local shop was featuring 20% off all bags so that was a bonus)

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