Sony Bags for Nex?

On my search for a good bag for my Sony Nex-5 including 16mm, 18-55mm, 18-200mm, flash, microphone, battery and charger I came across this forum.
I really hope you can help me out choosing the right bag.
Once the 18-200 is delivered this will be my mounted lens so when on a trip the 18-55 stays at home. The bag they recommended me in the shop is the Case Logic SLRC-202. It looks very big but I like the hammock system in it (thinking of using this one for storage at home)
So i'm looking for a compact shoulderbag like the Case Logic DCB-66 or something like that with enough space
I also like the looks of the Crumplers and Golla Cam Bags but I can't find any (user)reviews or photo's that will help.
Went to the Crumpler-store today. Bought a Company Gigolo 7500. This one fits my gear and looks great!




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Marruk, thank you for your photograph of all your NEX gear in this Crumpier. There's always been something about exterior design of these Crumpier bags that I like. I don't have one yet, but I do like their design style very much.:D


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Wow Marruk that bag looks amazing, I ended up going with the Case Logic one like you mentioned in your first post and having seeing that Crumpler one i've regretting it.


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I use the Think tank retrospective 5 for my NEX-7. It's quite compact but fits the camera with a fitted lens with enough space for an extra lens. It also has enough space to fit in some cleaning gear, your charger, filters etc... Alternatively you might also want to check Barton 1972, they have excellent camera bags for all sizes with really affordable prices.

With my old NEX-5


Check out Barton 1972 on their website for their bags.