Fuji Ballard at dusk


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With all the excitement surrounding the X Pro 1, my X100 was feeling a little insecure, with a NEX 7 coming in a few days why wouldn't it.

Seems it has nothing to worry about, helped it through this transition by treating it to a new Snapr 35 which works beautifully by the way.


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you should be able to figure it out...
Very nice! The X100 definitely doesn't have to make any apologies. And, yeah, that Snap-R is a perfect case for it. The small one if you don't use a lens hood or filter - and the large one if you do.



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Beautiful, BruPri - I'm so glad you're feeling as happy about your decision - the X100 is a jewel, as is evidenced by the stellar image quality of your photo. Love the reflections of the mirror like harbor juxtaposed against the bejeweled taillights of those cars on the bridge.

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