Bang for the Buck: Sony NEX-3 and Fotasy 35mm f/1.7


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Feb 28, 2012
wow great shots, is this the color you get straight out of the NEX? if not, what do you use and how to get such great color rendition?


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Mar 23, 2012
I recently got a Fotasy 35/1.7 for my NEX-5N direct from Rainbow Imaging (under $30), and like the images it can produce, but with some caveats. Unlike Chad's, with the one I got the barrel markings for distance and aperture line up on the underside of the lens, rendering them useless. Also the focus ring turns about a quarter turn beyond infinity, which is also a nuisance. Focusing is pretty tricky, because unlike a regular MF lens, with this one once you turn past the optimal focus point, it's not a matter of simply turning back that same amount to re-find it. Instead you have to turn further in search of that point once again. Hard to explain, but it's as if there's a fluid relationship between focus ring and actual focal distance, so it makes finding focus a lot more challenging than with other lenses--at least on the one I got (defective?).


Jun 23, 2011
Sumter/Charleston, SC
Matthew Morse
Just ordered the 25/1.4 version for the GF2 I just got. Looking forward to messing around with it. Thank you for the excellent review and wonderful images!!!

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