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i'm moving in the direction of picking up an xpro1 to use primarily with legacy glass. i have and love the x100, not only for its IQ, but for the analogue user experience, and i'm itching to replicate that experience with the xp1 and some very nice legacy glass i have.

the basic question is ability to use legacy glass with the ovf: can one call up particular framelines equal to the FL of non fuji legacy glass? and if so, does the particular FL youve called up translate into the camera's on screen DOF scale that pops up when set to manual focus?

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Tony: when you use legacy glass, you can set the right frame lines on the OVF, within limits. When you use manual focus, the DOF scale does pop up at the bottom of the OVF, but since there is no focus connection between my legacy glass and the camera, there is no indication as to focus point of lens. As such, I use pre-set my legacy wides for hyperfocal distance and just shoot with the OVF for framing. The widest lens I use is a Voigtlander 15mm F4.5, and I set frame lines for 21mm effective FF. On the tele end, while I've tested the OVF frame lines as far as 75mm FF equivalent with my Olympus OM 50mm F1.4, I don't really shoot on the long end with MF because of the said lack of focus point indicator--i just switch t the EVF.

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