Sony Battery case for NP-FW50


Sony did a pretty good job with these batteries in terms of not exposing any contacts. I dont think a case is needed.
On a similar note, has anyone tried non-OEM batteries with the NEXs? I want extra batteries but the OEM ones are pretty pricy!


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I was also looking into cheap batteries but they seem to be very hit or miss from the reviews I have seen. Some seem to have a problem with not fitting precisely into the battery bay. Others are clearly underpowered. Given that the originals are already underpowered that would defeat the purpose of having spares. In the end having spent $500 on the camera it seemed pointless to try to save a few dollars on a cheap battery.


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There are some for pretty cheap from reputable US sellers on EBay, so if it dramatically underperforms I bet you could get an exchange/refund.

If your need is mission critical then of course it's a different matter, only an official one is 100% certain.

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