Battery Pouch

In an effort to make things easier when out with the full bag, I decided to get a pouch to keep batteries in and sorted.

I ordered this one from eBay and it was shipped from China. This is a four-pouch model with separate pockets for cards:

The ad says it will hold up to four cards, but it will do six easily:

By inserting the batteries in the pocket down for charged and up for spent, you can easily see which is which:

I wasn't paying attention at the time, but it has Velcro belt loops on the back. It'd be handy to put it on your bag strap for quick access without getting into the bag:

I bought this as a means to keep my batteries together and protected, but now I realize how handy it will be for changing bags and keeping everything together, and I'll never have to worry about which ones need charging.

It seems well built and sturdy. Consider this a knee-jerk recommendation for as little as it cost. I may get a two-battery version to put on my belt for local walks, just to keep a spare battery from bouncing around in my pocket and risking contact damage.