Nature Beach/Ocean: Let's see yours.


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Jeroen Peters
I must know - were you lying down when you took this and where is this beach full of shells? I have never ever been on a beach so filled with shells! I hope you had sandals on.:tongue: This is quite a photo, Nuskyn! Where were/are you????
Hmm it is indeed pretty close to my home city, maybe I should go there too! I only go to the Hoek van Holland beach and dunes to run from time to time... and the Wadden sea islands with my family once a year :)

swiveling screen is gold :)
wow, I've only ever seen seals from a great distance as they're usually super shy... how did you get so close?

He was resting on a remote sandbank, only accessible during very low tide, with almost no people around (use flickr map for exact location).
At first we thought that he was sick or old, but a few seconds after the picture it crawled to the water and was gone..

We've seen 4 different seal's that day, but this was the first (and maybe the last) time that close.. a very special moment.


even the lifeguard came by to check him..