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You're similar to me in getting lots of uses out of your macro lens, I don't think there's enough appreciation of what they can render outside of traditionally capturing a sole minute object.
Actually, I'm on my third five months journey in India. This year, as a personal challenge, I let all my zooms at home and travel only with primes. So the XF80mm is the longest lens in my bag. I like it for macro, portraits, some landscape, sunset and many things. It will get a lot of use in this journey.


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Surveying the Future - {Day 06-07}
by Andrew Priest, on Flickr

Day 6: Esperance to Albany: The Unconventional Ride. 750 km in 10 days. Looking west across the expanse of the Fitzgerald River National Park with Mylies Beach in the foreground. My plan at this point was to pretty much follow the coast to the western boundary of the park. Oh for the plans of mice and men.

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