Beach/Ocean: Lets see yours.

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Aw come on Matt, I've heard there's one or two lakes where you are, of the stunning variety too.
Ray: As nice as our lakes are, there's always something on the horizon - usually moutains. Never the same degree of openness, never the same sense of freedom.

That said, I do love that kind of view as well. But I think I'd be best served somewhere I could have access to both. New Zealand certainly qualifies - as do Norway, Iceland, the Faroes ... and Central and Northern Scotland, including the Hebrides! And so on and so forth, I daresay ...

Well, you never know ... I don't mind telling you I've harboured thoughts of uprooting myself once more lately, this time to possibly move a lot further ...

Time will tell. First, we have to survive the current situation - literally and psychologically. Without peace of mind, big decisions may turn into big mistakes.


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