Nature Beach/Ocean: Let's see yours.

Thanks. I thought it looked familiar. Although it is many years since I was there.
From the house, we had views from just the eastern side of Cape Otway to Cape Patton, near Lorne.

A magnificent spot for watching all kinds of birds, from wedgetail eagles to parrots of all kinds, to Superb fairy wrens, eastern rufous bristlebird (endangered), seabirds, including albatross, Australasian gannets, herons, a Jabiru stork (!), etc. Lots of dolphins, the occasional humpback and blue whale, Australian fur seals, leopard seals, drug smugglers ...

We bought the land in 1986, built the house in 1989, and sold it around 2008.

For many reasons, this magnificent spot lost a lot of its attraction for me. The "locals", my health, fights about sewerage treatment works and placement (we won, thank god), fights with the Colac Otway shire council planning committee, fight with the State Government about the legality of their actions regarding permanently reserved Crown land, archeological site nearby, protection of the rufous bristlebird, etc.