Nature Beach/Ocean: Let's see yours.

View from our living room at Marengo.

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John...that right there would be me and my wife's dream home!
Fantastic location...and home!
It was ours for 20 years, and we loved it, Scott.

However, it was part of our retirement plan, and we sold it after we had both retired, and consolidated our family home here in Beaumaris in 2006.

This had massive financial ramifications that I won't bore you with. Our single family home doesn't count as an asset as far as social security is concerned, whereas having two homes immediately precludes us from social security payments, and more importantly all the other benefits that this entitles us to, including, but not limited to, far cheaper medicines that I need.

The thought of driving for 2.5 hours every second Friday night doesn't seem as attractive now at 75 y.o. as it did 20 years ago ...