Beauty of nature, show yours, thanks


Sep 23, 2010
Liverpool / UK
The Lake District (Cumbria/UK)

Just got back from a long weekend in the Lakes, walking the fells with my wife and elle (our Border Terrier).... and found this thread..... so hard to make the choices.... :rolleyes: All LX5 images
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View to Maiden Moor from Catbells
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To the upper reaches of Catbells
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Derwent Water
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Hawes End (Derwent Water)
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Waterfall (Thirlmere)
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Fell path to Great Crag


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Jul 7, 2010
betwixt and between
Herman and everyone else who has posted such thoughtful and inspiring photographs - I have only just found this thread!

I'll add my own here...though it's a much narrower view of nature's beauty.

P.S. Mal, I love your dog and if he, or she, is not yours - I still love him!


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Jul 7, 2010
betwixt and between
Yup, Tom, too much rain but boy oh boy were they tasty! Actually not my tomatoes but my friend's who lives up in Sherman, CT a bit north from you.

Tom, I always enjoy seeing your photographs - and don't see enough of them! That beaver pond - have you seen the beavers at work? They must be enjoying the high water - but now I'm worried about all that flooding and hope they weren't inundated?! Beautiful views of both the beaver's almost mirror like pond and that post Irene close-up!


Aug 4, 2011
Ridgefield, CT USA
The beaver pond is a constant source of surprises. Post storm the dam was damaged and the pond about 12" lower than usual. The surprise was that, rather than immediately rebuild the dam, the beavers built new lodges! When the water level changes, the underwater entry point becomes exposed (when lower) or the inside fills up (when higher). I get over there about once every 6 weeks to check. Usually I take only my iphone for pictures! Here's a shot from the iphone, stylized a bit, from April:

And some more recent ones from the pond:

Including a local resident:


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Jul 7, 2010
betwixt and between
Wow, Michael - are you talking about the Kenai Penninusla up in Alaska? I've never been, but I can see (and have heard) that it is a dramatically beautiful place!

P.S. Tom, thanks so much for the follow-up and backstory on the beavers - really like that iPhone shot! Of course the lilly is gorgeous and I also really do love the one with the beaver swimming along. They're amazing animals. Andy - you already know how much I love that one of the intrepid little girl on her bicycle!
Jan 31, 2011
Newcastle, Australia
Fox Glacier, 1979. I don't even remember which camera I used for this. It was a compact of some kind with a single focal length lens, IIRC I had almost fallen down a long and slippery slope just a short time before this and had become too afraid to follow the rest of the group further up the glacier. If you squint really hard you can see them in the distance. I suspect that this part of the glacier has long been melted (global warming does have a deleterious effect on glaciers)

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Michael T

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Jul 31, 2011
The High Plains
Fall's Coming

I usually get to Alaska a few times a year on business and try to schedule an extra weekend or more if I can work it in:)
The Kenai is an awesome place and I got lucky with the weather, the two weeks prior to my trip were rainy with the sun coming out only once, but the week I was there it rained only once and the sun was out almost every day:biggrin:
Here is another shot up in the valley - home of Sarah Palin.

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