Bee with a new macro bellows.

I just bought a macro bellows this afternoon, and this is my first attempt using it. This is a bee in my back garden on a 135mm lens with the aforementioned bellows. For flexibility, I used a monopod instead of a tripod. That takes some getting used to, but is much better than handheld. The photo's not perfect, but I still like it.



Bee macro

Been playing with a 40 yr old Pentax screw mount 55mm f1.8 lens reversed in front of my kit zoom. A real handful but with patience I can get one or two acceptably sharp shots on moving targets... bellows must be challenge to handle outside?




Have to see if there are any AF-extension tubes for M43 as a more mobile alternative to bellows as like to be ble to quickly change from macro to 'normal' mode when walking about. I'd hope they would be much better IQ than going for screw-on filters.

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