Been a bit distracted the last week.


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Some of you may have noted my absence from the boards but my 'staff' kept the pub running smoothly. Last Sunday I was admitted to hospital through the emergency department. I was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis bought on by gallstones. Next day the gall bladder was removed and it displayed necrosis (bits of it had started dying from infection).

I stayed in hospital with massive i/v antibiotics to manage the infection and was finally sent home Friday night with a drain still attached. I will have daily visits from nursing staff from the hospital under their "Hospital in the Home" scheme to change dressings etc. Pain levels are very manageable fortunately but I still need a lot of rest.

Thanks to all who kept things ticking over for me and I expect to spend more and more time here as the week progresses.


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Mate, not good news. Some solace that you are feeling OK now....though sad to think of your suffering in silence, so my thoughts go out to you my friend.

Well I thought things were quiet....and now I have an explanation. Great to have you back :jedi:


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all the best in your recovery - (and at my, (our?) age we all need to keep an eye out for stuff like that) - it's not easy (for some), getting old

Good luck

(from another Bill)


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Oh Bill, I'm so sorry to hear you've not been well. These things have a habit of creeping up on you don't they! My eldest daughter has just been diagnosed with a hugely overactive thyroid, anaemia and strep throat and has been feeling like an old woman for months! At least we have an answer now and so do you. Rest up and get well soon :):flowers_2:


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Bill, I'm so glad that you're on the mend and back at home - both your real home with your wonderful wife, and your second home here - behind the bar and throughout the forums. You've been sorely missed. :grouphug: :flowers_2:


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I had a coworker who went through that and he looked really seriously ill even about two weeks after surgery, long after he felt better. He's still doing well many years later, though.
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