Been away a while & looks like a few changes...


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Hi guys, been away a while & it looks like there have been a few changes to the forum.
Last time i was here it was Serious Compacts & now Cameraderie.
i'm guessing that now the forum includes all cameras rather than just compacts? if so Bravo, good thinking :thumbsup:
I kinda stopped coming here once i started using DSLR's a few years back & kinda forgot about the place.
As i'm off work at the moment i've taken to going on walks every day & have seen photo opportunities while out & about. I'm reluctant to carry a DSLR with me but had a search in a drawer & found my old LX3 & LX5 (batteries on charge right now) so i came on here just to see what other serious compact users were up to....
I think a small camera in my pocket will be a much nicer carry along than a DSLR. :)

Anyway i hope you are all safe & well, Happy Easter :thumbsup:

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