Being a professional Photographer is easier than you think!!


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Jul 6, 2010


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Truly Inspirational!!


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Aug 15, 2010
"And, um, um f/stops?" -- she's got to be faking it a bit. Playing the ditsy mom. But still, my brain hurts now. Ouch.

Love the xtranormal clip, though. :D
Not sure if she is real or not.

I guess I could be a professional. Just set it to Auto, have the kids stand in front of a wall and there you go.

One of her comments on the Youtube page is, "I'm setting that camera dial to "A" 'cause you guys are AMAZING."
Nov 11, 2011
Milwaukee, WI USA
I wouldn't doubt for a second that she's paid to take photographs. There are a great many "professional photographers" who know little to nothing about the basics of photography. I see them all the time on flickr. They're usually talking about their "nifty fifty's" and saying things like "You really rocked the bokeh on that one". Even the blind squirrel finds the occasional nut. Part of the problem (as she explains in the first video) is how great modern cameras have gotten at getting the exposure right. I could give a little kid a camera a the magic hour and have them shoot their family and with some cropping and processing, SOME of the shots would look good enough to the untrained eye (mine included I'm sure.....I'm not trying to put myself on a pedestal here).

And unfortunately people like that (and the computer-generated gal in the other video) are putting "real" professionals out of work (or making it much harder than it should be). So being a successful "professional" is now more about marketing yourself and your images than it is about the actual images. I'm glad that for me it's just a hobby. Although it it were my profession, I'd obviously be a lot better at it. Even as an outsider, it just bugs the daylights out of me that someone picks up a hobby and a year later they declare themselves a professional and start charging people money. Imagine if I just read a bunch of science books and announced that I was a doctor.


Sep 30, 2011
Vancouver, BC
"what is that thing, oh shoot, the thing the light oh! Shutter speed!"

Oh yeah! That's what I've been doing wrong all these years, it's been the light thing! Thanks Missy!


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Jul 6, 2010
I got the original link from 1001NoisyCameras who wrote this:-
"The reactions to these videos are perhaps a testament to the "quality" of many online and offline tutorials, blogs, photography schools, turn-pro programs, and seminars - a lot of people both on YouTube and on blogs have a hard time believing this is actually parody + satire + comedy."

The whole MWACAttack thing is done so well that there is obviously a point being made here. That some people believe it to be "true" sheds light on the nature of the internet and how photography and photographers are perceived. "Missy" is definitely my new hero, and I'd love to know who she really is. My suspicion is that there is probably a "real" photographer underneath all that "fluff" attempting to both entertain and also to challenge some of the nonsense that passes for internet punditry.

The "character" is however "played" so well, that whoever has created "Missy" for us has obviously got talent.

Finally I would say that I have taken her "tips" on accessorising to heart, and will be looking forward to the financial benefits in the future!


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Jul 6, 2010
New episode from "Missy" at MWAC attack. This time on marketing yourself as a "professional photographer" including tips on how to "work the worship". Wonderful stuff.

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