Pentax Best AF Film Pentax?


Probably Not Walter Kernow
Anyone have strong thoughts or opinions on the best AF Film Pentax?

I know they are rightly famous for the K1000 & other MF film-bodies, but they seem to have really suffered when Nikon/Canon started to slay in the AF film market-place (ditto Oly who seem to have been destroyed in the AF film era other than compacts or fixed-lens zooms).

Whats the Pentax film equivalent of the Nikon F100 of F5 or F6?

I've been eying up cheap MZ-50's but I can't find much about their reliability, ruggedness, AF performance, MF aides etc
I'd likely use it with an old AF 50mm f1.4 or MF 50 f1.7 or the 40mm pancakes (AF or MF).