Best Buy Gift Card: Nikon V1 or Fuji X10?


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I thought I was going to burn a $150 Best Buy gift card on a new cell phone, but it turns out I got a great deal on an upgrade at the T-Mobile store. So I still have a $150 Best Buy gift card left over from Christmas. I noticed they have the Nikon V1 with the 10-30mm zoom on sale for $799 and the Fujifilm X10 is still $598. So, for me, that would be $649 for the V1 with normal zoom and $448 for the X10. Which would you go for and why? Mind you, I have a Panasonic G3, an Olympus E-PM1 and an older Panny LX3. For a while, I was seriously considering a Sony NEX 5N body only that I would mate with the new Sigma 19mm and 30mm primes. While that would be a fun experiment, I'm cooling on that a bit as I can see that running into more money in the long run.