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This afternoon, I decided to go to the local park to take some pictures of the colorful autumn foliage. The color is pretty vibrant this year. I packed my Leica M 240, EVF, the Tri-Elmar WATE, 50 Lux Asph and 75 lux for good measure. Don't want to miss anything so off I went with the family. Everything packed nicely in my little Crumpler 5 bag. Got to the park, start hiking up the hill with the family and it was cloudy but still bright. Lots of colors. On the first stop, I asked the kids to pose for a picture, took out the camera, the 75mm was on the camera so I backed off a little trying to use the 75mm. As I turn the camera on and try to bring the viewfinder to eyelevel, I saw at the corner of my eyes a black screen with a red border. I knew instantly what happen. I forgot to bring the memory card. This morning, I took a few shot using the 75mm and pulled the memory card out. I did not remember to put it in. Frantic search and hope that I have a spare SD in the bag but no luck. Ended up putting the camera back in the bag and instead pulled out my Android phone and use the camera phone instead. Like the saying goes, the best camera in the world is the one you have with you and I like to add, the one that is ready to take the pictures.

IMG_20141018_132651.jpg by VINCEKTAN, on Flickr

IMG_20141018_132645.jpg by VINCEKTAN, on Flickr

IMG_20141018_132634.jpg by VINCEKTAN, on Flickr


Ugh! Glad you had something to capture pics with, Vince. Those shots are from a great vantage, there must be a tower or overlook with access?


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Decided not to give up and went to the same place again today. The weather is better but colder. The equipment is simpler Just the Leica M 240, EVF and the Tri-Elmar WATE. This time, SD is in the camera.

The vantage point atop a hill

L1000951.jpg by VINCEKTAN, on Flickr

Fall colors on display

L1000954.jpg by VINCEKTAN, on Flickr

L1000958.jpg by VINCEKTAN, on Flickr

L1000959.jpg by VINCEKTAN, on Flickr

L1000960.jpg by VINCEKTAN, on Flickr

L1000965.jpg by VINCEKTAN, on Flickr

L1000972.jpg by VINCEKTAN, on Flickr

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