Best compact for holiday that's not expensive?


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Hi everyone!

I'm going to England next year for a month or so and want to get something I can fit in my pocket that's got a reasonable amount of zoom with good image quality.

I know there will be loads of suggestions! And bring them in because there are just so many compacts out now I really would like some real life advice :)

I'm taking my Canon G1X with me but would like more zoom for when I need it?

Thanks for any help. I know your a clever bunch! And feel free to post photos taken with said devices?



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The G1X will be just great as you know.
Years ago I really enjoyed using the Lumix TZ1 and now in its latest reincarnation as the TZ20 it might fit the bill.

I don't know what prices are like at home but if you wait to buy in London ( Tottenham Court Road ) as a tourist you'll not pay the 20% VAT and the shopkeepers are familiar with the tax refund process.


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I would have recommended some of the little Fuji super zooms but I've had 3 in a row with various lens issues.
Sound you chose well though :)


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My previous compact with zoom prior to the Fuji F550EXR was a Panasonic TZ7 (ZS3), 10MP and 12x. I think either of those brands with big zoom would be fine. But Kerri, what about the Olympus you had once? It had a 30x IIRC? It seemed like it did a really good job.

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