Sigma Best image quality compact..Sigma DP2s?

London UK
Although I have the GF1 i still need (yes need! :D) a compact. I sold my brilliant Canon s90 so am looking to replace it. Obvious choice would be either the s95 or the LX5 but I have been looking at alternatives. Up most importance is the image quality and to this end i have been looking at the Sigma range, Samsung X1 Rioch etc.

One camera that stands out for IQ on here is the Sigma DP1. It looks as good as the Leica X1, superb but from what i have read it's a cumbersome old brute. How does the DP2s compare for IQ? and how does it stack up against the Samsung X1?

Any other recommendations?
The DP2s is a good camera. It is fast enough. The DP1/DP1s are very, very slow; the new DP1x is the equal of the DP2s. The DP2s and DP1x have a better UI. But the Sigmas have their limitations. The Ricoh GXR/A12s (50mm and new 28mm) follow a close second and excel in other areas, such as low light and macro.

By X1 do you mean the Leica X1 or Samsung X100? I tried the Leica X1 and it is very good, but since I already had my Sigmas and Ricoh I decided not to keep it. I don't like the Samsung sensor.

The Sigmas are very unique and within their core competency they almost cannot be beat.
I have been looking at raw files in photoshop and I must say I am HUGELY impressed with the IQ of the DP2s!! So what's the difference between the DP1x and the DP2s? It's very confusing.;)