Pentax Best lenses for the Q? - native and adapted.

I just picked up a Q10 zoom kit and so I am limited to that lens for right now BUT what other lenses do you all like on the Q? With the exception of the wide and tele zooms, they seem to be very low in price{and even those are not bad in comparison to other systems}. There are the 3 "toy" lenses but from the samples I have seen they look pretty good, better than the name implies. There is also the new shield lens which is similar to the Olympus cap lenses. What are your thoughts on the native Pentax Q lenses?

I can't see adapting large SLR lenses to the Q except to gain a super-long telephoto. There are lots of smaller lenses that should adapt much better however. With the registration being so short on the Q, c-mount and d-mount lenses should work well. The old Pentax 110 lenses should too although you get stuck shooting at f2.8. I have not been able to find an adaptor but cs-mount lenses should also work on the Q{anybody know of an adaptor?}. What lenses have you adapted to the Q and how did they work out?



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I have 4-110 lenses adapted to my Q10 and I'm having fun with them. The adapter I use is by Generic
and it has a ledge inside that I can insert or squeeze a rubber washer with small hole in the middle.
I think that changes the aperture to 5.6 or even higher. I also have a small 32mm Carl Zeiss lens that
I adapted to the Q. This lens has an incredible macro and a beautiful bokeh. It's a lot of fun



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Carl Zeiss lens on Q10 sample


Q10 on Brilliant color mode.

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