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better say hello, before I get told off that my first post was a reply to someone after a viewfinder.

been around cameras most of my life, now 57. looking for the perfect camera for me. thought it was the the Leica D-lux 5, but had 2 already, and by the time I buy a case, finder and grip it's nearly £1000, so I sell it and buy something cheaper, then want something better, so I buy an X1. just advertised that!

can't be the only one out there, can i?

anyway, great site.


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G'day Nick. No you're not alone mate. I also ventured here with my LX5 in hand, but we parted ways soon after. I was THIS close to getting the Leica X-1, but after a little research and a lot of umming and arring I opted for the Sigma DP2s. Very, very happy with my camera choice and this site. Great folks on here.

Hope to see some posts from your X-1.


You're are most definitely not the only one. Your description of yourself could be applied to any one of us.


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Hey, Nick, welcome. You wouldn't have been told off, but you would have been invited over here to say hello, so you beat us to it.:wink: And here's another voice, telling you you're not alone. I'm looking for my perfect camera, as well. Thought it was the Leica X1 - it was awfully close, but I sold it quite a while back and am waiting for what I hope will be my own version of the perfect camera to arrive.

If you want to, you may certainly list your items for sale here, just be sure to review this sticky post**read-post-before-using-marketplace**-19/

Hope to see some of your photographs around here, soon.:thumbsup:

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