Big Changes at Serious Compacts - new forums and more!


betwixt and between
Although I've posted this information as an announcement that shows up at the top of each main forum, I'm going to post it here, too, to be sure it catches everyone's attention.

You'll notice that there've been some forum changes. We've changed the names of some of our forum "rooms" and moved a few around to different areas within the site, and done some other updates. Please take some time and look around, pretty soon it will feel like the old place, but even better...kind of along the lines of "This Old House" for those who are familiar with that television show.:D

Please check out the newly formed Image Works forum where The Weekly Challenge has its own forum now, for example, and you'll notice that The Coffee Bar has become Bill's Pub - and don't worry coffee is served as well as the stronger stuff. And we now have a News and Rumors sub forum, as well!

A few more plans are in the works, as well, such as new galleries and more!