Big old moon . . . fooling around with post-processing . . . RX10 Mk IV

Jock Elliott

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Troy, NY
Huge partial moon hanging in the sky this AM.

Put the RX10 4 in full auto mode to see what it would do. Could hear it chattering away, making multiple images and stacking them.

Got this:

RX10 silvery moon 003.JPG

Put it in P mode and rolled in a bunch of minus exposure compensation:

RX10 silvery moon 006.JPG

Ran it through DXO 9:

RX10 silvery moon 006_DxO.jpg

Ran original through Luminar:

RX10 silvery moon  006B.jpg

Ran that result through Aurora HDR:

RX10 silvery moon  006B1.jpg

Decided that was too dark and ran that result through DXO 9:

RX10 silvery moon  006B1_DxO.jpg

So whaddya think?

Also, you have my permission to grab any of these images, do your own post-processing, and post the results here. I suspect I might learn something.

ADDITION: Just for fun, the same moon, shot nearly two hours later with the HV400V:

HX400V silvery moon 006.JPG

Cheers, Jock
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Before everyone post processes, I vote for DxO. That scenario is one of the reasons I’ve got a full frame camera and a 100-400 image stabilised zoom. It doesn’t necessarily make the image any better but there’s more liklihood you can get it in one shot. Or, if you like, lazyness.

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