Sony Big Sandy, Sony RX1R II and the HepKitty.


Aug 20, 2012
Hepcat City
I shot Big Sandy and his Fly-Rite boys last night. I took only one camera, a camera I hadn't yet tested in low light concert photography. But I was confident, as its predecessor has done me well and is very responsible for my signature look to my images. The Rx1 is magic for me, it is not just a camera in my hand, rather it is a extension of my hand and mind. So the question always lingered for me, will the RX1R II have the same magic? I have read in a few forums of some that don't like it and prefer the original. I knew though, since owning the original if they Sony where to ever upgrade it, I must have it.

I own a lot of gear and I used to say if I could only keep one, it would be the Rx1. Now comes the RX1R II.

The biggest complaint is battery life, well guess what, I got 616 shots off and my SONY BATTERY is still showing three leds. This was about 3 hrs work. Even I was surprised by this, my shooting partner whom used my original Rx1 went through 1 battery.

Sony RX1R II, 35mm f/2, ISO3200, 1/100sec.

As I shot the files looked very nice on the LCD screen however the test would be on the big screen, as I have had shots look good before on the LCD screen only to find them not so usable when seen on the big screen. On the big screen I did notice how clean the files were at ISO3200, a definite noise improvement over the Rx1. The setting for the show was very lowlight and those horrid blue, red, yellow concert lights. The RX1R II did fine, and it always locked focus, not once did this camera hunt on me, not once.

Sony RX1R II, 35mm f/2, ISO3200, 1/100sec.

I was pleased with all the color images I got and will be delivering quite a few to Big Sandy, they came out well IN SPITE OF the goofy colored stage lights. So I set the camera to black and white. I have been in love with the black and white OOC JPEGs from the Rx1 so of course was very curious how they would look with the new 41mp sensor. I love shooting black and white, especially for the Rockabilly artists that I cover as they love the vintage look and feel.

Sony RX1R II, 35mm f/2, ISO2500, 1/100sec.

Sony RX1R II, 35mm f/2, ISO3200, 1/100sec.

Needless to say, I have already BONDED with the RX1R II, it was easy and 2nd nature to me, as I was trusting in a old friend. This little powerhouse of a point and shoot is very very powerful.

And as for Big Sandy? When he wants those special images captured with heart and soul, he turns to the HepKitty from Hepcat City.

Yama Yama Pretty Mama....



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Jan 19, 2015
Some of us were hoping you'd get some postings up on this camera and you did, thanks.

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