BillN can you post images from your home sweet home?


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S W France
Herman, house finished - 98% - bits and pieces of decoration and similar still to do

- now working on the "barns" and out buildings - just completed the first Gite, (bedroom, kitchen/dining/living, bathroom) and now need start work on a second plus a new septic tank and drainage system, (sewage - ugh!), - no mains drainage here- hopefully we can do this in the next month or so; we also need a new concrete floor in one of the barns so we have somewhere good to store our "stuff" - when we rent "the digger" to dig the hole for the septic tank we can "dig out" the dirt floor in the barn and then lay the concrete etc.

all the major work has been done on the inside of the buildings - but I'll try to dig out a few images of the small Hamlet, (three houses and maybe 8 barns - it was a peasant family farm settlement which is/was built of stone dug out of the surrounding countryside as they planted the vines - it was built by the people who worked the land and the settlement, (like many in rural France), and dates back to pre French revolution - sounds romantic but it was not as I'm sure it was a very hard life - just a pile of old stone buildings

We live in a very rural environment surrounded by fields of vines and woodland as well as some marshland as we live at the top of a hill and the springs run down into the small river in the valley - all this is great for my latest pre occupation - (bird watching) - that's what happens when you retire - always looking for things to do.

Gite One - working on one of the Barns - (not a great image(s) - I had other things on my mind)






The new log store


What will be "the garage"


Weather here has been great for the last few days - I hope that it was the same for you

Best wishes


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Yes, thank you Bill - and you, Herman, for spurring Bill on to show us what's going on over there. You're just coming into what should be a glorious spring...and then summer, Bill, so I'm really hoping for continued in situ updates.:friends: