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S W France
Thanks you all, well the two of you - never knew you cared - burning the mid night oil trying to figure out how to sync my MacBookPro, (yes I've been spending my retirement funds again), with my iMac - using ChronoSync - $40 - but it's beating me as I'm getting all confused with the sharing permissions that these bloody Mac machines want before they will let you mess with them - I'm taking my MacBook so may be i'll keep in touch.
Forecast is good - 27 degrees today on the Costa Blanca and forecast is to be like that for another 7 days, so I may expose my body to the elements and sample the clear blue sea, (????)

I'm, (sorry we're), are off to a Parador near Zaragoza, for a couple of nights, then to Alicate to stay with some old friends for maybe 4 days after which 2 nights in another Parador near Alcaniz on the way back to France - I hope the food is good - the last time I went to Espana I couldn't wait to get back to the French Menu

I've packed my G1 with the 20 and 14 42 and the 45 somethingorother, plus the EP-1 with the 17 - I wanted to take my D300, (really did), with a few lenses - but my wife is demanding restricted baggage, (we are going in the car so I cannot understand why unless she is going on a shopping spree and intends to fill the car up with Spanish marble for the kitchen) - now if I had a M9 with a 35 cron I would not have this baggage problem, (I keep telling her that), just one small camera and a small lens - that's all that is needed according to "The Shooter"

Don has set a task - something like the encroaching environment - so maybe I'll see something - plus Bernd, (silverbullet), took some great people shots in Italy a few weeks ago - so I'll try to sneak a few of these if I am brave enough

Cheers for now - no too early a start tomorrow