Black and white, or monochrome photos of people


Mar 31, 2013
Atlanta, GA
Casey, I'm afraid your latest two posts(as well as the first photo by Mike on this page) have been posted in the wrong thread. This thread is titled: Black and white, or monochrome photos of PEOPLE.
Just had a brain fart and was in the process of pulling them. Work has my brain fried today. Oops. Saw the "Black and white, or mono..." and then the title cut off on me.


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Dec 7, 2012
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Very nice shot, christilou! However, you've mistakenly posted it in the wrong thread, as there are no people in it.

Admin can we please shorten the title to: "B&W or monochrome photos of people", or something shorter, so the word "people" is not cut off on the home page. A number of photos, without people in them, have been posted here, and making this change should eliminate the mistakes.
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