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A truly great image.
A huge compliment like warrants an explanation as to the picture. I was waiting to cross the road on the way back from work, and just could not for the life of me tell whether this person doing the same next to me was male or female. So I just swiftly took an instant snap (easily done with the GR as you know). And in case you're looking for the obvious, it was windy, the coat was flapping everywhere. Cheers @MiguelATF

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I couple from the past few days. The folk art compelling and slightly disturbing, as I think it was meant to be. I was shooting with the Leica X, and since I could not back up to get myself out of the frame, I tried positioning myself so my shadow as successfully incorporated into the second shot. Whether I succeeded or not I'll leave it to others to judge, though
L1021198 copy.jpg
L1021208 copy.jpg
I still rather like the shot.

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