Black Bear Coffee Company - 18mm

This is one of my favorite coffee stops while touring back roads on my scooter. It's the Black Bear Coffee Company in Vernonia, Oregon. This little town was in it's prime when the logging industry peaked. Now, it's a sleepy little town with a 1/4 mile long main street full of quaint little mom & pop stores. In inside of the coffee shop is a throwback to the 1800s with tons of antiques still being used. There are 2 potbellied stoves for example. The fully stocked rear Bear Creek Bar looks like it should be in Tombstone. The all wood booths in the dining area look like they've been around a very long time. Everything's in excellent workable condition so there are plenty of photographic opportunities here. These were all shot with my X-E1 with my new 18mm F/2.0 aboard. They were all handheld and shot at ISO 6400. I love my camera. :)







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Bob, this does look like quite the spot - love that map of the USA by the front register. Great colors and detail... It looks as though they do quite a good bar business, as well!

I don't blame you for loving your camera!

Ray Sachs

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you should be able to figure it out...
Wow, great stuff! I love places like that but they're few and far between. We have a diner sort of like that but I never see it slow enough to really take more than the occasional superficial photograph...


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