Black friday is not for me


Dec 24, 2010
So in the interest of satisfying my wife to some degree, I tell here I'll go for awhile shopping today, being black friday and all. A stupid name at that. So our first stop is a super target. My walking lasted only 10 minutes so I head for the starbucks shop within the store... thank goodness for that. I grab a coffee and head to a table right next to a large window overlooking the parking lot. I took a few shots and here they are. BTW this is the closet I'm ever going to get to street photography:biggrin: I was inside shooting outside, now how brave is that.

All shots clicked on the iphone using and app called camera bag, which just gives a different look to a shot. Resized on snapseed and here you are... enjoy

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend..


Jul 7, 2010
betwixt and between
Pete, what was it with that big red ball? Do you remember "The Prisoner" with Patrick McGoohan?:wink: I really like your first with the Starbuckian mermaid, especially. Looks to me as though you made the smart move finding that spot.:friends:

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