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I am thinking of getting a light effect mist filter (1/8) to soften up highlights. Do you think a HQ-brand filter like Tiffen or Urth performs much better than a filter off of Amazon at half the price? Thoughts, opinions? Thank you.
I recently bought a Fujifilm XF 35mm f2 lens, specifically for its Weather Resistance. I have owned a copy of this lens previously, but didn't like the 'digital' appearance of the images. This time around I am using it with no in body sharpening, and have also put a Tide Optics CineSoft 1/4 strength filter (£39.95 from Amazon in the UK) on the front of said lens. I have noticed no degradation in image quality due to the filter! I have not used it in sunny conditions yet, I prefer to use my 18-55 when there is no threat of rain!
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I went ahead with the expensive Urth filter (53 € shipped for E49) to avoid overconsuming (Amazon encourages this with those free shipping costs once you hit 100 € in your cart).

People say 1/8 strength is barely noticeable, which is fine by me. I am thinking I'll have the filter sit on my lens all the time as a protective element. Will have to check for unwanted flare effects though. That's my usual concern with protective UV filters and whatnot -- they make ghosts. With a mist filter it's kinda the whole point to have extra flare so maybe I'm happy.
This is the effect using my filter in bright winter sunlight. A lot of flare around the higher reflective areas! Not what I wanted at all. It will go back to Amazon tomorrow.
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ah, interesting! I returned a lens or two for being overly harsh and contrasty in the transition, say from sky to dark tree trunks... I like a bit of blooming to soften these transitions...

Haven't thought about getting a very light mist filter for that - will keep that in the back of my head :)
I have the 0.5 and 1 strength Hoya black mist filters, and I'm very happy with them.

Here's a very good video that shows off expensive and cheap(er) filters. It's in German, but the comparison images speak for themselves:

This is what made me choose the Hoya filters in the first place. :)