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May 25, 2015
Fremantle, Western Australia

Le Palais Royal - PARIS-2018-72
by Andrew Priest, on Flickr

The first notable stop on our Paris Charms & Secrets electric bike tour of Paris. Eric sharing a very interesting and fascinating story about the history of the Le Palais Royal.

Le Palais Royal was built for Cardinal Richelieu by architect Lemercier, builder of the Sorbonne, the main body (1634), facing the Louvre, became a royal residence (Regency of Anne of Austria) and the family of Orleans from 1661.


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Apr 2, 2018
Given an exercise to take a photo about something that people won't normally notice. Time frame: 75 minutes including lunch so it's an enormous pressure. :) I actually gave up on everything and just headed to lunch and have coffee. There it was that I noticed a weirdly placed row of shoes in a Café and was able to make something that pleased me enough to turn it in.



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