Black & White, monotone and sepia

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I think you will be pleased with the 14-150, it punches above its weight.
Thanks. I try to keep in mind that in the real world I'm not shooting test charts.
I agree - but I'd still advise never pitting it directly against the 12-40mm, as I did, stupidly ... For what it is, the 14-150mm II does a very good job, it's just not a champion for pixel peepers. FWIW, bokeh at 150mm is really great, and sharpness is good enough for normal viewing sizes.

Bringing the X 113 along solves any low light worries you might have had. That said, today, I'd combine the 14-150mm II with the Panasonic 25mm f/1.4 II for a really nice and compact travel setup - or get the OM Systems 20mm f/1.4 which is an even better lens. Only one body, and even with the Panasonic, usable sealing (not for downpours as with the 14-150mm II, but I'd have no reservations about taking it out in light rain). With the OM Systems 20mm, it'd be a perfect and hassle-free three-piece travel kit that'd leave some room in even the smallest of bags. Bliss.

Thankfully, my current Z 18-140mm *is* an optically better performer than the 14-150mm II - however, it shares none of its other advantages (reach, size, sealing to the same degree). And I still have the E-M5 III ... Rats. I really shouldn't have thought about all that.* :p

@Lawrence A. You'll have a lot of fun!


*My current compact travel setup, the Nikon Z 6 with Z 24-200mm and Z 40mm, also fits into the very bag I'm thinking of; I could swap the 40mm for the Z 35mm f/1.8 S for even more optical prowess, and better sealing, too. I'm good. But the Nikon kit is at least 50% bigger and heavier than the Olympus combo would be.
Thanks. No I'd never put the 12-40 and the 14-150 side by side. The 12-40 is my go to lens on the Pen F for daily shooting most of the time. It's an extraordinary lens. I will probably throw in the Panasonic 20mm (I like the 40mm field of view and cannot afford the Oly f1.4) and the tried and true Olympus 45mm f1.8. Weight is a major issue, since my overseas carrier only allows 15 lbs in carry-on (plus a "personal item") and I will be carrying an additional laptop, phone, and tablet as gifts. I try not to put photo gear in checked luggage, but I can squeeze a couple of small lenses in my personal item. The 14-150 will be my general walk around lens. I expect it will be "good enough". I rarely make large prints and even my phone can make a decent 11x14.
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