Bought a new serious compact!


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If I'd received mine, I'd have let you know! And yes, the GH3 does 4:2:0, slip of my fingers/mind.

You ought to love the Voigtlander 17.5. It's a very solid and heavy lens, much like an old Pentax or Minolta lens in build quality and weight, even moreso than the Voigtlander M-mount lenses. Like the others, it is quite glowy wide open, but the detail is still there, and the glow disappears by about f2. I prefer the 25mm for the smaller size and lesser weight, but when you need that kind of aperture on a 17.5, not even SLR Magic makes that combination.
My neighbour has the Voigtlander 25mm, I've had a play with it and it's a great lens, the images looked beautiful on his OMD. On the Pocket cam though, it would be way too long at 72mm, that's why I went with the 17.5mm.

I would've actually bought the SLR Magic 12mm T/1.6 but it's sold out on their website! I wouldn't have minded a 35mm T/1.6 equivalent on the Pocket for everyday run-n-gun documentary purposes.

Is it a film school where you teach or is the broadcasting department purely for actual broadcasting purposes?

I went to film school a few years ago but just... just ... missed out on the DSLR filmmaking revolution when the Canon 5D started wow-ing the filmmaking community. We were still using tape with the old trusty Sony PD-150 for our documentary projects. I think it was the year after I graduated when the film school invested in five Red Ones and a few DSLRs. Missed it by that much! So I've had to teach myself the new digital filmmaking tech.

Hi James,
I teach in a Broadcasting Department where we shoot mostly with P2 camera. We have a Black Magic switcher in our basic facility and a bunch of their "black boxes" throughout the facilities. Again, very nice products.
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