Fuji Bouncing about on the sea


Aug 6, 2017
Using the XT2 in anger, as in for a paid job. The French boat builder ferried me out to the Isle d'Oloron and wined and dinned me for 4 days while I shot the factory processes, interiors and action shots on a couple of boats for them. These were taken from a small boat that had waves coming over the side, soaking me. Trying to stand and shoot while running with the target boat in those waters was untenable and I nearly went overboard, so we fell back on the method of just keeping our boat head to sea, in the breaking overfalls where the tide builds over the bar and getting the target boat to run up for the shot. I still had to stand, but it is easier when the boat is only riding the waves rather than jumping off them!! It gave me a chance to play with the 50-140.





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