Boxing Day hunt

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Jan 19, 2015
Boxing Day hunt, chasing an oily rag and that apparently means the deaths of animals? Only Aniseeds were killed in the making of the anyone who has eaten an aniseed ball or gobstopper had better 'die a horrible death'.

What utter wankers those comments were made by.
Welcome to the forum! What Fuji camera do you have then? Would love to see some of your pictures.


Aug 6, 2017
Welcome to the forum! What Fuji camera do you have then? Would love to see some of your pictures.
Yes, you are quite right. I was still finding my way around the place and came across those Fascist and completely ignorant remarks and lost my temper. I have written to Amin and apologised and explained the background of a drag hunt. So I am sorry for wading in for my first post, but I do not apologise for defending a perfectly legal, legitimate, family orientated countryside pursuit that is inclusive of all walks of life, contrary to those who think it is only for 'the landed gentry' - they bankroll the hunt, but the followers and hunt riders come from all walks of life from postman, tractor drivers, car mechanics, nurses, secretaries, dental receptionists, local clergy, blacksmith and farrier, not monied people at all, they just happen to plough all their hard earned money into horse and riding. I suppose any amateur photographer who spends £6000 or more on a 500 f4, or 600mm f4 should be classed in the same sector as being 'toffs and filthy rich'. many bicycles are that kind of money now too, so keen cyclists are also in the same class are they? Come on folks, leave your prejudices behind and stop the fascist comments.

I have just got an XT2 and a couple of lenses. I am still trying to work out how to set it up. Sat hear healing from a big bike crash at the beginning of the summer reading the manual and trying work out where things live. I am not good with technology because I find it incredibly difficult to remember what button does what - and how to find something in a menu. It is alien to someone who learned their craft on roll film cameras and 35mm Nikon. I knew of Fuji quality years ago, with a Fuji GX617 and I was a Hasselblad X-Pan ambassador, they also let me have an F203 and 4 lenses to use for work. The X-Pan was, in reality, a Fuji camera and lenses and it was sublime. I had reception foyer prints done to 16 feet from it (using Velvia 50) and it was a solid workhorse with crisp lenses (30, 45 and 90).

I look forward to learning how the XT2 works and getting used to it.


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Aug 7, 2011
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Lensflare... welcome to FujiXspot. This thread is an older one and most of the people who posted troubling remarks are no longer active on this site - despite efforts to explain what a drag hunt is (no real animals are chased). So they probably never read your response.

We try to keep things friendly around here and the original poster of the hunt photos DOES understand what a drag hunt is and has posted his thoughts on the subject. We've kept the thread up because the photos are quite good. But, in the interests of keeping the peace, I'm going to close it now. Amin can reopen it if he wishes.

Please, feel free to join us on any and all other threads... or to create new ones of your own.
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